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My name is Brad Porterfield and I am running for the Redmond School Board Position #4 because our kids deserve the best education we can give them. I am confident I can make a positive contribution toward ensuring a quality education for every child.

Please explore my site to learn more about my plans and ideas.

I would be honored to receive your vote.

Register to vote before April 25th

Ballots will be mailed to voters on April 26th. Vote early!

Election Day is May 16th.

Click the button for more information about voting.

Me in my happy place

I love the outdoors and I love kids, so outings in the woods and desert with kids is a happy place for me. This is why I voted in favor of Ballot Measure 99 in 2016 - to provide funding for the Outdoor School law making this education option accessible to all kids across Oregon.

Learn more about my PLANS & IDEAS

Another happy place

While studying for a semester in Oaxaca, Mexico many moons ago, a young woman friend of mine and the son of the local couple that shuttled us by bus on our field trips went on a two-day hiking journey into the mountains East of Oaxaca city with no idea where we would land. We ended up dropping into a small village like aliens from outer space where we were welcomed like royalty by these kids first and then their parents - and treated to caldo (soup broth) and handmade blue corn tortillas. This was one of many experiences in Mexico of being welcomed warmly and learning how the notion of rich and poor isn’t just about money, but family and community.

Learn more ABOUT ME here.

And another . . .

I consider being a dad the most important thing I will ever do. I am amazed at how we humans grow and develop and it’s a beautiful thing to guide a little person toward adolescence and adulthood. It’s challenging at times, but overall a deep joy that no other experience has equaled. We are our kid’s first teachers and it’s up to parents to instill in our kids a joy of learning while also consoling them when they complain about school being a drag and pointless. I decided early on that I would teach my son to think for himself by never using the age-old “because I said so” response to his ever-curious “but why”? I figure if I’m not able to explain why to him, maybe I shouldn’t be making the decision. It’s empowering. Yes, you make yourself vulnerable to the manipulative nature of a child, but you strengthen your own ability to reason and teach your child this incredibly useful skill at the same time. I love watching the wheels turn in a child’s mind.

Visit my RESOURCES page for books and data to get your wheels turning.

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I hope you’ll vote for me in May.

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